Stainless Steel StoneClip Anchors

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16 mm Adjustable 150 mm long shaft with interchangeable heads 12 mm Adjustable 100 mm long shaft with interchangeable heads 10 mm Adjustable 85 mm long shaft with interchangeable heads 8 mm Adjustable 75 mm long shaft SetClip range 15 , 20 , 28 , 33 mm with the Support Clip 6 mm Adjustable with 50 mm long shaft Stainless Steel StoneClip Anchors 6 mm, 8mm, 10 mm StoneSub StoneClip range Support Brackets for Stone and Ceramic Panels Set Clip + Adjustable + StonePin + StoneSub + SupportClip + Z brackets with T pins Welcome to STONECLIP, the home of the PATENTED system for Stone Cladding, Mechanical Fixing, Stone panelling, Wall Cladding, Natural Stone, Stacked Stone and Stone Walls. STONECLIP is a refined method of securely fixing panel of stone & other materials to substrate in a vertical position. These brackets cover most areas of stone cladding in the commercial & domestic field.

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    16 mm Adjustable 150 mm long shaft with interchangeable heads 12 mm Adjustable 100 mm long shaft with interchangeable heads 10 mm Adjustable 85 mm long shaft with interchangeable heads 8 mm Adjustable 75 mm long shaft SetClip range 15 , 20 , 28 , 33 mm with the Support Clip 6 mm Adjustable with 50 mm long shaft Stainless Steel StoneClip Anchors 6 mm, 8mm, 10 mm StoneSub StoneClip range Support Brackets for Stone and Ceramic Panels Set Clip + Adjustable + StonePin + StoneSub + SupportClip + Z brackets with T pins.
    Welcome to STONECLIP, the home of the PATENTED system for Stone Cladding, Mechanical Fixing, Stone panelling, Wall Cladding, Natural Stone, Stacked Stone and Stone Walls.
    STONECLIP is a refined method of securely fixing panel of stone & other materials to substrate in a vertical position.
    These brackets cover most areas of stone cladding in the commercial & domestic field.


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