Curtain wall stainless steel pull rod anchor

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Warranty:1 Year
After-sale Service:Onsite Installation
Project Solution Capability:total solution for projects
Application:Apartment, Stone Cladding Fixing System
Design Style:Modern
Place of Origin:Shanghai
Brand Name:Wugao
Model Number:S041
Type:Other Curtain Wall Accessories
material:stainless steel scwer
Product Name:Stainless Steel Stamping Marble Angle

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Curtain walls are an increasingly popular choice in modern buildings for their aesthetics and energy efficiency. Often made of glass and aluminum frames, these lightweight transparent walls provide an elegant appearance to commercial buildings. However, ensuring the stability and longevity of these structures is a key issue that architects and engineers must address.

Introducing the Curtain Wall Stainless Steel Tie Anchor - a robust solution for structural stability while maintaining the architectural aesthetics of the curtain wall. This cutting-edge technology combines advanced engineering principles with the durability of stainless steel to create a reliable anchoring system.

Stainless steel is known for its exceptional strength, corrosion resistance and aesthetic qualities. By incorporating it into the design of tie anchors, architects can confidently create curtain walls that are not only visually pleasing but also structurally sound.

The use of tie anchors in curtain wall construction is essential for transferring wind loads, seismic forces and their own weight to the building's primary structural frame. While various materials have been used in anchoring systems in the past, stainless steel stands out for its unrivaled strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to environmental factors such as humidity and temperature fluctuations.

In addition, the addition of stainless steel tie rod anchors also enhances the overall safety of the building. By providing a secure connection between the curtain wall and the main structure, they minimize the risk of falling off during extreme weather events, ensuring the protection of occupants and nearby property.

Curtain wall tie rod anchors not only have functional advantages, but also help to enhance the aesthetics of the building. The stylish and modern appearance of stainless steel adds to the modern design of the curtain wall and enhances the overall visual impact. Architects have the flexibility to express their creative vision while maintaining the necessary structural integrity.

SS316/SS304 dry stone wall stainless coil of stainless steel pendant .

Role:buried in the wall ,the marble and the wall of the connector

Name Type specification
Stainless steel tie rod S051 M8x180-3*30*90-L40-m8*30
Stainless steel tie rod S052 M8x250-3*30*90-L40-m8*30
Stainless steel tie rod S053 M8x280-3*30*90-L40-m8*30
Stainless steel tie rod S054 M10x200-3*30*90-L40-m8*30
Stainless steel tie rod S055 M10x250-3*30*90-L40-m8*30
Stainless steel tie rod S056 M12x300-3*30*90-L40-m8*30
Stainless steel tie rod S057 M12x280-3*30*90-L40-m8*30
Stainless steel tie rod S058 M12x320-3*30*90-L40-m8*30
Stainless steel tie rod S059 M14x220-3*30*90-L40-m8*30
Stainless steel tie rod S060 M14x280-3*30*90-L40-m8*30
Stainless steel tie rod S061 M14x350-3*30*90-L40-m8*30

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